We predicted the Ouya fail!

Just over a year ago, we posted our thoughts on why the Ouya android based console would fail. At the time, the Ouya was being featured prominently in the media due to a successful large kickstarter.

Well, sorry to be the people to say we were right, but we were right!  And we even got the reasons right, according to this article on Games Radar:

Games Radar reports Ouya as Dead


Don’t misunderstand, we’re not happy about the Ouya failing, it was just inevitable.  We love the idea behind the Ouya: easy to develop for console for the masses.  We believe the Ouya kicked XBox and Sony in the right location to make them more open to indy developers.  We’re impressed at how open Sony is trying to be an indy platform with the PS4 and lowering or eliminating publishing fees.


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